Hourly Rate Tracking & Mixing

Full band tracking. Must be proficient with your music and be able to play it to a metronome, know it in and out before you get to the studio. 


Acoustic Single - Guitar & Vocals

Full acoustic song on guitar or keyboard, including vocals. Must be proficient with your music, know it in and out before you get to the studio. 


Studio Drummer for Hire

If you are in need of or want a studio drummer to create depth to your songs, I am available for all genres. 


Full Band Live Session

Full band live session (all instruments perform together) with scratch vocal track. Vocals will be overlaid separately for higher quality takes. 

Great for demos or recording ideas!

$25 / Song

Mastering Services

Mastering can elevate your song to the next level. Mastering services are available for any recording done here or submitted music you have recorded yourself.


Rehearsal Time

​Hourly rehearsal time to prepare for an upcoming studio session. You MUST book studio time in order to book rehearsal time. 

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