COASTLINE Records is a musician owned and operated, generously sized home recording studio located in North Port, FL.


The recording studio is run by drummer and producer, EJ McCloud, and has has 3 isolated rooms; A control room, a drum tracking room and a vocal / guitar tracking room.


Coastline Record's goal is to always work hard towards creating memorable and deep connections with our clients and musicians in the  North Port, Sarasota and Florida Local Music Scene.


We support local music and art here in Florida.


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Coastline Records Recording Studio North Port


COASTLINE Records Florida Studio specialize in hosting musicians, bands, voice actors, and other sound artists and performers in order to capture and produce clean, professional-quality audio. It’s our space, equipment, skills, and expertise which bring our clients to the next level. COASTLINE Recording Studio is a professional recording studio located in the heart of North Port, with a focus on comfort and a stress free environment. 

We strive to get the best performance possible from any and all band members at the time of recording, and not sacrificing this to skip forwards to the mixing phase. We have learned over the years that getting the best quality sound and the best performance possible at the start, will ensure a high quality studio production. 

Since we are not a "pay per song" studio, and charge hourly, we also closely log all hours, breaks, artist delays, as well as create a timeline to keep our engineers and band members on track during studio time. This way you can get the most out of your studio time, without the headache of worrying about overextending your budget. COASTLINE Recording Studio will always try and give an accurate representation to a length of time needed to complete the project at hand. 

When you are paying hourly, the studio is not the time or place to write a song and create new parts. If something just isn't working - COASTLINE Records will always step in to assist in the creative process to give advice to you. 


First things first, all musicians are different! Please note below are the best ways to get the most "bang for your buck" with your recording studio session here at COASTLINE Records.


Some musicians can finish a song over a weekend, others can take a week. The last thing we want is for you to rush a performance to stay on track for your schedule. As the client, rushing is the key to being unhappy with the finished product. 

The best way for you, as the client, to keep prices down are to follow the steps below:


  1. Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

  2. Practice, Practice Practice beforehand.

    1. Practice to a Metronome.​

  3. Come to the studio well rehearsed.

    1. Know all the key parts to a song.​

      1. Time/Tempo Changes​

      2. Key Signature Change

      3. Musicality Changes (Quiet or Loud) 

      4. Layout of Instrument Layers

      5. LYRICS

  4. Check all your gear beforehand. ​​

    1. Make sure guitars and amps are working​.

    2. Tune your drum heads.

    3. Bring extra strings, picks, cables, batteries etc. etc. etc. 

  5. Trust your engineer​! If they tell you something might work better in a mix, try it out. 

  6. Have a good time and don't be nervous!